They Start Young In Texas


Out of the Lone Star State comes this group of youngsters, and they bring a big sound with them! Drayter is a group to watch for, cause they could just be the next big thing to happen. The band is fronted by Mira Fountain, this young lady has what it takes to take this band to the next level. Drummer Matthew West sets the tempo for everyone with his attack on the skins. Cole Schwartz is a talented young Axe Slinger with burning riffs. And Trajan Acquista keeps the ground rumbling with his bass. Mira has parted ways, and the band and us wish her the best on her new project. Drayter has found a new singer, and no word has been said on who it is yet. This band has what it takes to be on the big stage soon. A great persents and sound, the music is well written and played. Don’t let there age fool you, these kids can rock with the best of them! They have such a bright future ahead of them, and they are ready to take on the world!


OTRTR:  What age did you start get into music, and which band(s)/artist influenced you the most?

Cole – nine years (since 2003 – age 6) – Influenced by Metallica, Slipknot, Pantera, Megadeth, Motionless in White, Asking Alexandria, Led Zepplin, pretty much a bunch of great bands covering a ton of genres.

Mira - Singing since you were 3, have been in the theater system with my parents. Influenced by Haley Williams (Paramore), Alex Gasgarth, Gerard Way, Joan Jett

Matthew – four years (since 2008 – age 11). Influenced by Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot, Asking Alexandria and Megadeth.

Trajan – four years (since 2008 – age 11). Influenced by Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Paul Jones


OTRTR: What is the music scene like in Dallas/Fort Worth, and where do you see it going?

Drayter: There have been some great bands that have come out of the DFW area.  From Blind Lemmon Jefferson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, the Toadies, Drowning Pool, Meatloaf and Pantera the music scene in Dallas has had some very influential artists.  In the early 2000′s it slowed a bit, but there are ton of great bands hitting the scene now.  Rock is definitely back in Big-D.


OTRTR: Tell us about your writing process for your new songs and how you go about it?

Drayter: Although we do write, we have had the most success working with a great songwriter/producer – Jackie Leigh (  She has really helped shaped the content and emotion of our music while merging with the instrumentals we tend to like.  Typically we come up with a theme, and then build from there.  Every song has to tell a story.  Then we write the instrumentals to match that emotion.  The finished product is something that we have really thought about and hope it connects to the listener both – both lyrically and instrumentally.



OTRTR: Your single “Mouth Like A Weapon” sounds great, does one of you guys write individually or does this occur in the rehearsal room as a group?

Drayter: As group we came up with an instrumental sketch, and then we got together with our songwriter/producer and came up with lyrical themes.  After those group writing sessions, we took it to the rehearsal studio and combined the instrumentals withe lyrics.


OTRTR: So when are we expecting to see an album available? Is it going to be available as a digital download and cd?

Drayter: Probably the summer of 2013 – Both digital and CD.

OTRTR: Have you got any tours planned, if so where are you going?

Drayter: We play around North Texas a couple times a month, and we are opening for Black Veil Brides in January (Dallas) along with traveling to San Antonio.  As far a tour, we are currently discussing a tour in July and August of this year.


OTRTR: How do you prepare yourself for a night onstage, do you get nervous?

Cole- I don’t get nervous.  Excited, but not nervous.  I organize my rig the night before, pack extra strings/pics/tape etc., and play through the set list.

Mira – No nerves…just excitement. I do my vocal exercise and breathing techniques.

Matthew – Run over rudiment and fills on practice pads.

Trajan – Just bass exercises and go over the set list.



OTRTR: Now we have all had these…… equipment failure, stage not as big as you thought, etc. What’s the most memorable onstage disaster you have to date?

Drayter: Hmmm.  Losing Mira’s vocals (from the soundboard) 3 times during a song was pretty much a disaster.  Also, Cole broke a strap during a song and played the rest of the set with his knee propped up on the floor monitor.

OTRTR: What’s your most memorable performance?

Drayter: Probably the first time to play at Trees in Dallas.  Great sound/lights, big crowd, great headliner.  Super fun.


OTRTR: If you could perform with anybody, who would be your first choice?

Drayter: Anyone in the world?  Metallica, Slipknot, Pantera.


OTRTR: We believe you guys have built up quite a following, is there anything you would like to tell your fans and supporters what’s next for Drayter?

Drayter: Well, we are trying to write some great music that will really connect with our fans.  That’s the most important thing to us.  We will also be performing more shows throughout Texas and opening for Black Veil brides in January, a couple music videos, and prepping for a Summer tour.




OTRTR: What is the one piece of equipment (*audio related please) in your possession that you just could not be without?

 Cole- Mesa cab and Line 6/Bogner head.

Matthew – Shure in-ear monitors.

Trajan – Gallen Kruger head and cab.






OTRTR: The internet has bought us many things that benefit us all. The music industry is changing fast trying to keep up. Band/artist seem to promote themselves on social media. However musicians are human too, they have families to feed, mortgages to pay, equipment to replace, the list goes on. Consumers now or at least a large number of them believe they should receive all this creativity for free, have you guys any thought on how your band are going to combat this?

Drayter: We feel that because of all these accessible social media tools, bands have saturated what consumers can actually connect with.  Reaching the masses is great, but everyone is after the same thing it’s hard to build a following and make money. However, if you write good music, perform well live, take it seriously while still having good time, the money will come.




OTRTR: You guys are somewhere between youth and prehistoric and I just love asking this question in a room full of musicians after a few drinks and kick back and watch the show…. digital or analogue?

Drayter: Well, both.  Depends on what sound you are going for but we prefer analog.


OTRTR: As a band, do you see the need to be signed to a label or would you be happy just to be in charge of your own affairs and control your own destiny?

Drayter: Independent labels/artists have a very hard time making a good living doing the thing they love – creating music.  In a perfect world, a distribution deal from a label would be ideal.  But that’s not very realistic in today’s music industry unless you are a major act.

OTRTR: Out of all the songs written in the world, does matter which genre. What song do you wish you had written?

Drayter: Too many to answer.